PTN hiking 19 2
PTN hiking 19 3

The 2nd Hiking activity, March 29, 2019

This was at Jack Point Park in Nanaimo

The first walk was at Chemainus Lake 1 week ago

Come to the PTN coffee/breakfast

on Fridays

and the walks are determined that morning, weather permitting

Good Exercise, Great Conversation,

Free and Fun!


PTN hiking 19 23

PTN hiking 19 24

A surprise spring hike April 4

lovely spring flowers

PTN hiking 19 22 PTN hikinh 19 20
PTN hiking 19 10 PTNhiking 19 11
PTN hiking 19 12 PTN hiking 19 14
PTN hiking 19 13

Pictures taken at the regular

Ladysmith Friday coffee

at the Bean Time Cafè 

then planned another hike April 5

 Below- April 12 hike

after breakfast at the Quality Foods

Restaurant in S. Nanaimo

 PTN hiking 19 25  PTN hiking 19 26
PTN hiking 19 30

April 19

Hiking through Stocking Creek Community Park in Saltair

Beautiful hike, come and join us next time.

Meet at the Friday Coffee/Breakfast

See our Events Calendar



PTN hiking 19 33  PTN hiking 19 34
PTN hiking 19 37

May 31, 2019

A hiking group around The Nanaimo River Park

after breakfast in Ladysmith.


This one is for you Bruce!

Hopefully your health will improve

so that you can go with us again real soon!

Robert, Paul, Bill & Steven